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更新10月. 30, 2018

The privacy of visitors to a 阿尔伯马尔学院 (COA) website is important to us. 我们的网站隐私惯例总结如下,适用于所有授权的COA网站. Our practices are reviewed periodically for compliance with federal and state laws.

Information Collection and Use

当您访问COA网站时, our servers may automatically record (or log) information that your browser sends. This information may include: your internet protocol (IP) address, 浏览器类型和语言, the date and time of your request, the number of times a web page was accessed, the paths (links) taken through the website, and search terms entered on our search engines. 我们的网站也可能收集有关引用网站的互联网地址(URL或IP)的信息. This type of information is collected to improve website or individual web page content, 监视性能, improve functionality (including navigation and searches), 网站安全, 故障排除, and to provide services to you. COA 使用s third-party web analysis services to help gather and analyze this information.
Some of our sites may employ cookies. cookie是一个包含一串字符的小文件,它要么只在特定的会话访问期间保存(称为会话cookie),要么存储在您的计算机上,以唯一地标识您的浏览器以支持将来的访问(永久cookie)。. A session cookie terminates when the visitor closes the browser; the data is not stored. 使用持久cookie的COA站点会存储在访问期间收集的信息,以提高访问者后续访问的效率. 饼干 provide usage statistics about our websites; as we understand how our sites are 使用d we can facilitate navigation in our COA web space and enhance the visitor’s experience. 饼干 may also be 使用d for authentication processes (网站安全 purposes). 您可以按照互联网浏览器的指示随时从您的计算机中删除COA持久cookie. If you prefer not to receive a cookie, 您可以将浏览器设置为拒绝它,或者设置为询问您是否要接受特定的cookie. However, some pages may not function properly if the cookies are turned off.
If you make an inquiry via our websites, those communications will be 使用d to respond to you and to improve services. Unless you request otherwise, 您的询问可能会被转发给另一个COA收件人,他们可能更适合回应. We recommend that you do not include in your inquiry 社会安全号码s, 信用卡号, or other sensitive information. 电子邮件不是一种安全的媒介.
在我们的一些网站, you may choose to provide information to us to obtain services or information. 例如, 您可以注册邮件列表或将您的地址发送给我们,以便我们向您发送申请或其他材料. 我们将使用您的信息来回应您的请求,也可能使用它来让您了解其他校园活动, 项目, or for future communications. 您可以随时根据网站的退订指示或将您的请求定向到您提供原始信息的网站的联系人,选择退出这些额外类型的通信.

您可以在我们的网站上向我们提供的其他类型的个人身份信息包括:姓名, address, 电话号码, 生日, student identification number, 社会安全号码, 信用卡号, 用户名, 密码, 和/或net-id. This information will be 使用d to respond to you or to provide you with a requested service, 比如招生, 购买, 捐款, 以及其他教育方面的, 研究, service 项目 or administrative purposes. 在某些情况下, 所要求的信息是强制性的,以便我们向您提供您所寻求的信息或服务. These fields will be marked with an “*”. If you do not wish to provide the mandatory information, 您可以联系特定网站的联系人,询问是否有其他方法让您提供所需信息以获得服务.

请注意,我们永远不会使用电子邮件通知,要求您提供机密或受限制的信息. If you receive such an email request, it is not from COA regardless of the purported sender’s identification. We recommend that you do not respond to that email. 未经您的同意,我们不会向第三方出售或分享您的个人身份信息, unless required by law or legal instruments. 我们保留信息的时间仅为实现收集信息的目的以及遵守法律和保留要求所必需的时间.

If a COA site collects information from children (an individual under the age of 13), information will be collected, 维护, 并符合1998年《bc菠菜导航》的规定,并在规定的范围内得到保护. If you are a parent or guardian, 您可以帮助我们保护您孩子的隐私,指导他们不要在未经您许可的情况下在COA网站上提供个人信息.
COA websites may contain links to non-COA sites (third-party sites). COA is not responsible for nor does it control the content, 使用, or retention of information found on linked third-party sites. 第三方网站可能会向您收集或索取数据,或将其cookie或其他文件放置在您的计算机上. Checking the privacy statement of a third-party site is recommended. COA does not endorse the services or products found on third-party sites.

Third-party websites may collect data about you, 使用cookie, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content, 包括跟踪你与嵌入内容的互动,如果你有一个帐户,并登录到该网站.

您可以选择拒绝在网上提供有关您自己的信息,也可以使用其他方法, 比如美国.S. 以邮件方式提交申请. 你可以询问作为你正在访问的网站的联系人的个人,是否有其他的选择来获得你所寻求的信息或服务.


If you submit information through any of our 联系 forms, the information and its metadata are retained indefinitely. 这样我们就可以自动识别和批准任何后续评论,而不是将它们保存在审核队列中.

Depending on your location and where applicable law requires, 对于您在本隐私声明所涵盖的网站上提交的个人信息,您可以有以下选择:

  • The right to access your personal information;
  • The right to 更新 your personal information by emailing us;
  • The right to withdraw your consent to providing personal information
  • The right to request deletion of your personal information or object to its processing; and
  • The right to lodge a complaint with an applicable supervisory authority.

如果您想对我们网站上收集的个人信息行使您的选择权, 电邮至 (电子邮件保护).

回顾, 更新, or correct inaccurate personal information you’ve previously provided or to delete it, if it is not otherwise required to be retained by law or for a COA business purpose, 将您的请求发送给您提供个人信息的网站的联系人.


COA承诺采用安全措施,努力保护您的信息免遭未经授权的更改或破坏以及未经授权的访问或披露. 所有COA员工, 包括网站运营商有责任遵守所有适用的法律和COA政策,管理隐私和个人信息的机密性. 根据法律规定,不受既定法律保护的信息必须公开披露.

Changes to this 隐私 Notification Statement

COA may modify this 隐私 Notification Statement periodically without notice. 此后您对本网站的使用即表示您确认并接受修改后的隐私通知声明. Any revisions to this notification will be posted at this URL.


If you have questions about a specific website’s collection, 使用, 或者信息安全, please 联系 the specific website’s identified 联系. For information about this privacy statement 联系 (电子邮件保护).


如用于U.S. privacy law and information security, 个人信息是指可以单独使用或与其他信息一起识别的信息, 联系, 或者找到一个人, or to identify an individual in context. 出于法律目的, 有效定义因管辖权和使用该术语的目的而异.